Mercy Medical University, Iwara, Iwo, Osun State is a private owned Medical University recently secured the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and National University Commission (NUC) approval/license to operate.  The University intends to partner with prospective investors in the Building and Construction Industry for the Construction of Blocks of Hostels (not less than 120 bed spaces) under a BOT/PPP arrangement.  Therefore, interested, competent, and reliable investors are hereby invited to submit an expression of interest to be accompanied by relevant documents, proposals, drawings (Achitectural, Structural and Services), BOQ/BEME. etc.


Interested firms/investors are to contact the Registrar for Hostel Sample specification and submit two (2) bounded copies of the Expression of Interest (EOI) documents, drawings (Architectural, Structural and Services) and BOQ/BEME.  The documents should be submitted in sealed envelope and addressed to The Registrar, Mercy Medical University, PMB 423, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.


Registrar & Secretary to the Governing Council.

+2348024168115 (wattsapp only)



This is to inform the general public, prospective admission seekers and their respected
parents that Mercy Medical University, Iwara, Iwo, Osun State did not engage any
individual, group of individuals and agents for any of the University operations and
anybody that does business with such an individual, group of individuals and agents on
behalf of the University does so at his or her own risk.
The general public are advised to contact the University website through or +2348034067021. +2438024168115 and
+2348160079367 for further enquiries.
Kindly be guided accordingly.

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