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As a valued member of our alumni community, you are an integral part of our medical university’s legacy. This page serves as a platform to connect, engage, and celebrate the achievements and contributions of our esteemed alumni.

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We believe in maintaining strong connections with our alumni, and we encourage you to stay connected with Mercy Medical University. By joining our alumni network, you gain access to a vast community of healthcare professionals who share a common educational background. Stay connected through our alumni directory, social media platforms, newsletters, and alumni events to network, collaborate, and continue your lifelong learning journey.

Alumni Mentorship and Career Support

As an alumnus, you have valuable experiences and insights to share with current students. We encourage you to participate in our alumni mentorship programs, where you can guide and support students as they navigate their educational and professional journeys. Additionally, our career support services are available to help alumni with job placement, professional development, and networking opportunities.

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We take great pride in our alumni community and the significant role you play in shaping the future of healthcare. We celebrate your achievements, share in your successes, and appreciate the positive impact you make in the world. Together, let us continue to uphold the values and traditions of Mercy Medical University and inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders.